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Access, play and edit NoteWorthy Composer files
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Enhance production, editing, and quality of musical compositions by generating and managing NoteWorthy Composer projects. View the content of a project file such as notes and lyrics, play them with the compatible tools, print out documents, generate MIDI tracks, etc.

NoteWorthy Composer Viewer is a program that enables users to view musical scripts and play songs composed using the NoteWorthy Composer application. Additionally, this utility enables users to print the scripts containing the song notes.

This application is simple to use, as it doesn't require advanced computer knowledge. All users have to do is load the song composed with NoteWorthy Composer. Nevertheless, once the song is loaded, users gain access to plenty of useful features that allow them to manage their songs as they please. For instance, users can choose to play the song at a normal rate, or on the contrary, they can play it slower or faster, according to one’s desire. These features come in handy if users wish to listen to songs again so that to be sure they didn’t miswrite any song note.

NoteWorthy Composer Viewer not only allows users to view songs composed with the use of NoteWorthy Composer, but also gives them the possibility to import MIDI files, as long as they are saved in the MID format. Also, this application allows users to apply several handy settings to their projects before printing them. Thus, one can setup file layout, the paper size and the orientation, to mention just a few. In addition to all these, all projects can be saved as images, e.g. JPEG formats.

In conclusion, this application comes in handy for every music-passionate person, who likes to practice his/her talent as a composer. The functionality of NoteWorthy Composer Viewer is quite easy to grasp, which makes this application suited for computer users of all levels. Nevertheless, this program offers support for .nwc, .nwctxt and .mid file formats.

Mario Procione
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